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Meditations and FREE
Self-Mastery tools

Moya Body Care Wellness Playlist.  Enjoy!


Song - Anatomy


Quantum Jumping/Twin


Schuman Resonance


Wings and Tail Meditation


Silva Method Meditation


Fire Element Drink


Fire Breathing


Mystics of Water



Self Mastery Tools/Reports


Some reports that you should study every week to Master Self:

  • Solar Return Report (New report every year)

  • Natal Report

  • Human Design Report

  • Galactic Signature

  • Gene Keyes


You should also know:

  • Your Birth Time

  • Your Sun in Astrology

  • Your Moon in Astrology

  • Your Rising in Astrology


Assistance from the Universe

  • Grabovoi Codes

  • Quantum Healing Codes

  • Sacred Codes

  • Divine Codes

  • Light Codes

  • Golden Codes of Shambayla

  • Nikola Telsa 369

  • Financial Switchwords

  • Quantum Jumping


Spiritual Guidance

  • Science of Mind

  • A Course in Miracles


These are the tools that I use to keep me in alignment along with daily Meditation, Deep Breathing, Restorative Yoga and Pooping.

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