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Ma'at  WellnessRetreats

"Where stillness is welcomed"

Ma'at Retreats was manifested as an answer to my ancestral call to assist those who are ready to find their balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  My profession as a Colon Hydrotherapist for the last 15 years has been my training ground to offer a deeper call to those that I am of service to.  I continue to hear the same story from my clients who show up overwhelmed, tired, lacking enthusiasm for life, and the absence of self-care.  The disconnection from source is so real you can cut it with a knife and is often debilitating to the point where clients feel stuck and depressed with high levels of anxiety.  As a result, the much needed space for individuals to heal with specific tools to use free of judgement, commitment to others, or the need to dull their light just to be heard has been created. 

Civana is nestled in the Sonoran Desert, just outside of Scottsdale, AZ.  Civana offers curated personal growth and discovery experiences, access to world-renowned wellness guides and healers, comfortable accommodations, delicious food and drinks, ample time to relax and charge, optional adventures and a surprise or two.

This Retreat is for....

This Retreat is for....

Individuals who are ready for change!

This Retreat is for you....

This Retreat is for you....

If your ready to release emotionally, physically and spiritually

This Retreat is for you....

This Retreat is for you....

If you are seeking Wellness

This Retreat is for you if....

This Retreat is for you if....

You want to reset your body through ancient movement

The Retreat includes

1.  One private king bed/room

2.  Receive one full body massage

3.  Human Design and Galactic Signature Reading and real time application program

4.  Slip away into a Reiki infused Spiritual Sound Bath designed to align your chakras and eliminate emotional heaviness.

6.  Discuss, design and implement your Wellness plan with a One-on-One with Mo of Moya Body Care

7.  Enjoy plant based foods designed to stimulate your higher self and herbal teas, juice and elixers will elevate your senses and stimulate transformation.

8.  You will also have plenty of time to sit in stillness/silence, join our sister circles and sacred fire pit meditation and nature walks

The Retreat

does not include

1.  Round trip airfare or transportation to or from event

2.  Travel/trip cancellation insurance 

3.  Sunglasses, hiking shoes, flip flops, swim suits, or any personal effects.

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Plant Medicine Dieta - Cannabis Discussion
Plant Medicine Dieta - Cannabis Discussion
🌿🌟 Welcome to the Sacred Gathering of Minds 🌟🌿 🌱 Step into the realm of the Divine with our Plant Medicine Dieta - Cannabis Discussion! 🌱 🔥 Join us as we delve into the depths of reverence for the Master Plant, Cannabis, in a manner befitting the Gods themselves. 🔥
Feb 29, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM PST
1001 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90502, USA
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