Moya Body Care - What is Colon Hydrotherapy?
Moya Body Care - Clinical Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy
The average American's body no longer has its ability to cleanse itself, by itself.  The elimination tract is 30 feet long!  That's as long as two parked cars end to end.  Knowing what goes on in the last five feet of it CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!
You want to put water where? A colon hydrotherapy session consists of the gradual and gentle introduction of warm, purified water into the colon.  This washing of the colon (large intestine), combined with some abdominal massage, helps to stimulate natural peristalsis (contraction of the bowel to move waste through).  Also known as colon therapy, intestinal hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation, it is completely safe, beneficial and non toxic.
The procedure last about 45-50 minutes and is performed by a certified colon therapist using FDA approved colon irrigation equipment that regulates the water pressure, temperature and water volume.  This set up allows the water to flow in under gentle pressure to cleanse the entire length of the colon.  the equipment should also thoroughly filter the water - my filtration system consists of two 1-micron particle filters, two ceramic filters, an activated charcoal filter and finally, ultra-violet light.
The filtered water enters and exits the body through an apparatus called a speculum.  The speculum is attached to a hose leading to the colonic equipment.  Both speculum and the hose are sterile and disposable.  During a colon therapy session most people find that they can relax completely.  The client reclines comfortably on his/her back during the course of the treatment, while warm, purified water is slowing administered.  The water dislodges toxic wastes, old feces and mucus in the colon, which are then flushed out through the waste-flow hose.  During the cleansing a series of water fills and releases helps to stimulate the expansion and contraction of the muscular walls of the colon.  This combined with occasionally changing the water temperature from warm to cool, exercises the colon and promotes the restoration of proper peristaltic action.  After the colon has been sufficiently stimulated, the therapist releases the water pressure.  The water and waste from the colon pass through the hose into the machines waste drain (which is connected directly into the sewer, making this an entirely closed system), and fresh, filtered water is again introduced into the colon.  The gentle water flow s always under the direct control of the therapist, who repeats the process of fills and releases for the length of the appointment time, while remaining present and in communication with he client. 
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