Moya Body Care - Herbs, Oils and more
Moya Body Care - Clinical Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy
If you enjoy the services, accessories and essential oils that I used during your session why not treat yourself and purchase them for home use.  I use these products everyday and absolutely love them.  Enjoy!!

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For Herbal Laxatives, Weight Loss Management Programs, Kidney, Liver, Lung and Nerve support click
the link listed below
 To purchase the Essential Oils that I use during your session I have provided the link below.  I normally use a mixture of DigestZen and Lemon during the abdominal massage.  I also use Lavender, Peppermint and Basil Essential Oils throughout my office, to inhale and to provide a calming effect when gassy, bloated or nauseous.

 Enjoy additional health and wellness products such as Chlorophyll,  Probiotics, Food Grade Charcoal and other amazing herbs and supplements

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