Moya Body Care - Colonoscopy Prep
Moya Body Care - Clinical Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy
Don't Dred the Prep
  The typical prep for a colonoscopy includes ingesting as much as 128 ounces of a beverage mixed with a laxative. This is problematic in that it is distinctly unpleasant for many patients to ingest so much fluid, and consuming so much fluid can lead to electrolyte imbalance and other side effects. Furthermore, some patients are unable to ingest so much fluid due to mobility issues or gastric bypass. Finally, even when this prep is completed, some patients still do not clean out completely.  Taken together, these issues lead to significant patient compliance issues, cancelled appointments, and compromised quality of the ensuing colonoscopy.
  A new prep method called ColoLAVAGE has evolved over the past decade, based on a clinical study that was conducted at Danbury University in 2006. ColoLAVAGE involves ingesting just 16 ounces of a beverage like Gatorade or Snapple mixed with the laxative, followed by thorough colon irrigation using an FDA-approved method. This irrigation would be scheduled as a 2-hour session, after which the patient would proceed directly for their colonoscopy.
This method offers some very specific benefits. Consuming the smaller amount of fluid is easier for the patient, so patients are more likely to comply. Furthermore, the irrigation process is able to remove waste that has not been eliminated, which results in better colon visibility.
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